Monday, August 10, 2009,

Current Events Digest - Volume 48 Issue 2

Join Us in a Solidarity Prayer for Peace
  1. June 12 - Independence Day of the Philippines
  2. June 4 - International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression
  3. August 19, 1982 - United Nations General Assembly appalls the great number of innocent children victims of Israel's acts of aggression.
Sulyap - Balita
  1. NFA - National Food Authority
  2. Jessup Navarro - Administrador ng NFA
  3. Raul Gonzales - dating kalihim ng DOJ at kasalukuyang presidential legal counsel
  4. Solicitor General Agnes Devanadera - bagong kalihim ng DOJ
  5. Louie Balbago - tagapangulo ng Balikatan People's Alliance
Current Events Digest - Volume 48 Issue 4

Have You Discovered God's Real Beauty?
  1. "Have You Discovered Its Real Beauty" - made by Naji Ibrahim Arfaj
  2. "Just the Tip of the Iceburg" - Opening chapter of the said book
Sulyap - Balita
  1. DDB - Dangerous Drugs Board
  2. AFP - Armed Forces of the Philippines
  3. Lt. Col. Romeo Brawner, Jr. - Hepe ng AFP Public Info
  4. PPCRV - Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting
  5. Henrietta de Villa - tagapangulo ng PPCRV
Current Events Digest - Volume 48 Issue 6

An Iceless Artic Summer by 2105
  1. Artic Circle - Associated with the 66th parallel
  2. 66th Parallel - A geographic ring crowning the globe
  3. Melting of ice in the Artic Glaciers endanger animal population in Artic, as well as human living near the Artic.
  4. Melting will cause sea levels to increase worldwide flooding coastal areas
  5. Melting of permafrost can cause more greenhouse gases to go out causing more global warming
  6. Permafrost - permanently frozen layers of oil under most of Artic landmass
Sulyap - Balita
  1. Jose Melo - Tagapangulo ng Commission on Elections
  2. PERLAS - Public Eduction of the Rule of Law Advancement and Support
  3. CBCP - Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines
  4. Obispo Nereo Odchimar - bagong-halal na panulo ng CBCP

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