Thursday, December 18, 2008,

Happenings as of 12/17.. Tsk, tsk.

So, after classes, I went home to get my mom and go to SM Taytay to shop for gifts for Bing-go and Chief. Upon arriving, I expected to count RiScians like sheep there since 75% of the population has drifted off to the mall to buy gifts and enjoy the long rest-time before the big event. It did turn out that way. After entering, we immediately saw three schoolmates.

First destination: Department Store.
There, mom looked for add-ons for Gabo's gift to his monita while I searched for good Hallmark wrappers. In the store, we found around 4 or 5 RiScians.

Second destination: National Bookstore.
Since it was hard to think of a gift for a person who doesn't like one, I lingered there long enough to see my classmates and the (super-irritating) Love Crew, led by the stenchy Markx Cenal. Pardon if I got it misspelled, like I ever cared about it anyway.

Third destination: Blue Magic.
After finally deciding to give him a filler case and two FC ballpens, we went straight to Blue Magic, where a large number of RiSci students flocked. While struggling to fit in the small stall, I spotted a familliar face, and no, she wasn't a schoolmate... Well, she used to be. And she was one of my beloved friends: Myka.

Thinking at first that my eyes have just mistaken, I followed her all around to confirm who it really was. We stared at one another when we met, shouting one another's name after the S~L~O~W~ seconds we saw. I never thought I'll see a very good pal hanging around there.

We talked about how we did when we haven't met, and I felt as if I was becoming fluent in English again, no, I think my grammar was at least acceptable. Yeah, that's it (I used to talk in English often in AA). The talks were all about AA and everything underneath. T'was from her that I realized that Dawn Mass was the day after.

After a series of Quid Pro Quo, we bid goodbye and I went to my next destination (with Mom, of course...)

Fourth Destination: Department Store.
This is where it all goes. This is where I find more RiScians and more possible gifts for Bing-go.

Fifth destination: Hypermart. And everything underneath.
Finally, my favorite part... or should I say, the scariest of them all. When mom was buying shawarma in one of the stalls, I looked to my right hand and noticed the unevitable: I LOST MY CELLPHONE! This made me stand up and run all over to all the places I've been to. Only one result came with the search: zero. Mom and I went to the Customer Service and then to the Information Center, where I elaborately explained the details (White Animob Pouch: has a black-with-pink-tail cat on it, on the center were 2 houses and clouds, and inside are a Nokia 5200 cellphone, a charger adaptor, and three pesos), hoping an honest employee picked it up. Still, nothing happened. It's over.

Sixth destination: Romeo Tagle.
Disappointed, mom and I went straight to Romeo Tagle to get my hair done. I got a shaggy cut and the news that half of Rizal (including Angono) is suffering form the consequences of not changing old water pipes.

Lazy to type.

10:50 PM