Saturday, December 20, 2008,

Girl, it just looks to me, you look like you're lots of fun. Open up your loving arms, WATCH OUT, HERE I COME!! - "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" by Dead or Alive

UPDATES AS OF 12/18/08 - Fen-Fen Saga
We had our Christmas party on this time, and for the first time, I was the trendsetter (dream on, Spet!).

So, as I was approaching the classroom, the first thing that they noticed after my prescence was how my new 'do fitted well with my Fendora hat. When I went to Kurag, Mao wanted to arbor my Fen, Tobi first complimented my Fen and my hair, Eun complimented my hair, Piano liked my Fen and Arnel liked my hair. I wish I was a Fen or my hair. T^T

And, boy, were the poods mouth-watering!! *drool* I still remember the brownies!!

The games rawked, specially Water War, since I was the dryest (I AM THE VICTOR! MWAHAHA!)

After it's all done, I went straight to Hi-way to get a jeep home. When I was about to cross, Faith (my "mummeh", since I'm'r monita.) came to me crying, as if a rat was ran over by a bicycle (I emphasize your situation there, Pet, but people just look ugly when they cry HARD). She was telling me about her wallet getting lost seconds after she placed it in her bag while riding a jeep. Since I emphatize her (I lost a pouch with a cp, remember?), I helped her ou in anyway I could. Too long to explain. Scullote's lazy. T^T

Then the home part. I was able to ride along with Virna, Tobi and Pau F, and we had an anime chat session, the longest about being Rurouni Kenshin, or Samurai X (prefers to call it RuroKen, like Watsuki-sensei does). I spoiled fanmate (I hope. she talks about it enthusiastically) Pau about Rurouni Kenshin: Seisohen (Samurai X: Reflections), e-s-p the "part" part (if you know what I mean). After (swiftly) finishing telling the end part, I got off and rode a tricycle home.

(Sorry if it's boring 'ya.)

4:45 AM